How Does Vibration Training Work?

It sounds a little too good to be true to some people: Exercise on a vibrating platform in less time, with less risk than traditional methods and get in great shape. Does whole body vibration training really work? The answer is a resounding “yes” based on years of study and research.

A vibration training plate utilizes the body’s own reflexes to help reach a person’s fitness and health potential. Whole body vibration training – not only improves muscle tone, bone density, lymphatic drainage, circulatory efficiency but can benefit the entire kinetic chain and nervous system as well.

The concept of vibration training is simple, the motor in a vibration training plate vibrates up and down creating an upward force. As you hold varying exercise positions – such as squat, push up, calf raise, lunge, shoulder press, stretches or massage poses, the upward accelerated vibration will cause specific muscle groups to instantly become stimulated. In addition to a multitude of different muscle fibers being stimulated, weight loss can be achieved, cardio health and circulation improved, bone health increased, anabolic hormones secreted and reflex pathways awakened.

The vibration training plate platform stimulates the body’s reflexes to result in alternating muscle contractions and relaxations.

The science behind whole body vibration training plate machines makes it easier and more effective than ever for people to get a total body workout. In today’s fast-paced world, fewer and fewer people have hours to spend in a gym working out and for people who do get to the gym regularly, oftentimes they are missing something from their program. They are not pushing themselves even close to the optimum level to stimulate all of their muscles and muscle fibers.

When we were younger, as kids and even teenagers we would spend the days running, jumping, diving, crawling, climbing and rolling all over the place. As a result, our fast and slow twitch, stabilizer, and white muscle fibers (just to name a few) are stimulated to a very high degree, but as we get older a series of factors limit our ability to perform at such high levels and the result is less total muscle fiber activation. When it comes to strength training, many people lift free weights to improve muscle and strength and can achieve some of the vigor of youth. However, injuries, lack of flexibility, no workout partner available and-or lack of time and desire are factors that can limit weightlifting.

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  1. I understand that certain types of vibration aid in Parkinsons disease and other types of vibration do not help at all..

    Does the 3G Cardio unit elicit the type of vibration that will aid in Parkinsons diseease?

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