Are Vibration Machines Real?

Vibration Machines have become a mainstream category of exercise equipment and are here to stay, no doubt.  The main challenge facing this exploding category of fitness is that vibration machines have almost become a victim of their own success which is creating issues for many reasons.  There are now over 100 brands of vibration machines all claiming to have the same potential benefits as every other brand and that is so far from the truth it is almost comical.  While there are some really good brands available, there are also some really bad quality vibration machines that are not powerful enough to provide any benefit at all!  Quality vibration machines do cost a fair amount of money to manufacture and buying a machine that costs less than the shoes you are wearing does not make sense.

If you want good benefit, buy a good machine.  You will most certainly get what you pay for in terms of quality and performance.  While there usually are some contraindications for Vibration machines, they are actually very safe and effective.  It is important to note that a user should consult their physician before use and review each manufacturer’s warnings and disclaimers prior to use.

The fact of the matter is that vibration machines are real; they do work and are absolutely worth spending money on.  These are not your grandmas tummy jigglers.  They do not “shake” the fat off and they will not do anything for you by just standing on them.  You have to work!  You will get sore, tired, out of breath and you will absolutely know that you have been through a workout when you are done.  And “yes”, you will have to learn how to use them although there is an unlimited amount of vibration machine exercise information online so learning is also not a problem.

Vibration machine training has been widely accepted as a very useful tool in the fitness industry.  When you consider all the different types of facilities that use vibration machines, it becomes very evident that vibration training can benefit almost every type of user in any kind of environment.   NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA, PGA, LPGA, Olympic Training Centers, Parkinson centers, Alzheimer centers, Chiropractors and many other types of facilities have embraced vibration machines with success.

Here are a few stories of success that have been sent to us by some of our experts in the field:

We had a (55 year old male) visit us while investigating vibration machines. His reason for the visit was based on a health issue where a wound on his lower leg would not heal.   Due to poor circulation, his wound on the front part of his lower shin had remained open for nearly 12 years!  He purchased a Power Plate vibration machine and after 45 days his wound actually closed!!!  He stated that he used the vibration machine 4 days per week with an average time per day of 20 minutes. ***

We had a local exercise physiologist / personal trainer who purchased a ——— (Vibration Machine) for a client of his who was in her early 80’s.  This client was on the verge of Osteopenia and after 6 months of using the vibration machine, her bone density test revealed that her bone density was now equivalent to that of a healthy 38 year old!  Her use was 4 days a week for 20 minutes a day. ***

A client who had been in physical therapy for 3 months (knots on both Achilles tendons) came in a after our recommendation to purchase a vibration machine for stretching.  With zero success in physical therapy and over nine months of not being able to run, this client had gained 40lbs and was extremely frustrated with his current state of health.  After using the ————- (Vibration Machine) for 2 months, both knots were gone and this client was back to running!  A year and a half later, the client is still running and the knots have never come back!***

A physical therapist (from a world renowned clinic in our area) brought in a client who spent most of his day in a wheel chair.  Due to extreme health issues and 95% loss of feeling in his legs due to poor circulation, the physical therapist brought this patient to our store to experiment on the vibration machines.  The client, while seated in his wheel chair, placed his feet on the vibration platform and used the machine at 50 Hz for 3 complete sets of 60 seconds.  After the routine was done, the client started complaining of discomfort in his legs.  The discomfort was due to an overwhelming “tingling” and “itchy” sensation in his legs due to the increased circulation!  The physical therapist was speechless! ***

A man in his late 70’s came in for help with his shoulder complaining about a very poor range of motion in his right shoulder.  He was placed on a vibration machine to help stretch and strengthen his shoulder joints and muscles.  We was placed in a position that would activate his shoulders and surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments.   He did a total of 5 minutes on the vibration machine.  He had told us during the initial consultation that he had not been able to swing a golf club in 3 years due to limited mobility in his shoulder.  The next day he showed us how he could now touch his right hand over his head to his left shoulder.  He golfed that morning and had a great outing. ***

Depending on a person’s fitness goal and what they are trying to achieve, vibration machines are extremely beneficial for a wide variety of users.  Considered by many to be the most versatile piece of exercise equipment available today, many experts in the fitness industry believe that vibration machines are still significantly underrated.  Whether you use vibration machines for stretching, strengthening or massage, there is a potential benefit for everyone!

VMR would love to hear your stories of success.  If you would like to submit an example please feel free to do so in our Contact Us page.

***We have removed Brand Names, Medical and Retail Store Company names from the excerpts above**** 

2 thoughts on “Are Vibration Machines Real?

  1. On the 25th august 2011, I suffered a severe attack of Guilhem Brarre Syndrome.
    I was totally paralyzed and spent 85 days in hospital , (14 days in a coma)
    I have since started recovering and is doing PT to strenghten my my upper and lower body (legs , chest and arms) the rest is working fine.
    However I still cannot walk for lack of strenght in my legs and is in a wheelchair.
    Most GBS sufferers recover within the first year after the attack, but depending on your age, your recovery is slower, I am 62 years old and was as strong as a horse before, and would like to try and at least recover my strenght.
    I am using all sorts of standing equipment, Stretch rubber systems etc, etc, and can feel a improvement everyday.
    I am wondering if a 3D vibrating plate (Top Quality) will help me with my muscle strenght recovery and of course blood circulation, etc.
    Can you please advice me what you think, I should do.
    best regards
    Yani Kruger
    Sao Paulo

    • Thank you for your letter and I wish you the best during your recovery. To answer your question I would offer an absolute “YES” regarding the strength and circulation portion of your therapy. Vibration training would be a really good solution to help stimulate and strengthen your muscle fibers and a great boost to your blood and oxygen circulation. With that said, it is always EXTREMELY important to talk to your doctors before you start any type of fitness program on your own. I am not too familiar with Guilhem Brarre Syndrome and I am not sure if any complications could occur. Again, talk to your doctor first.

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