About Us

Vibration-Machine-Reviews.com (VMR) is a web site with very in depth reviews of the top vibration machines in the fitness industry.  VMR does not accept or receive financial compensation for their reviews nor does VMR receive free products in trade for positive remarks.  There are no items for sale on this website, there are no links promoting other websites or manufacturers.  VMR uses a very specific rating system to score each product and the final reviews and remarks are done by fitness equipment experts who have been in the fitness industry for a combined period of over 40 years.  While VMR will always try to provide the most accurate and up to date reviews and descriptions there is always the chance of typos, errors and omission.   Should missing or incorrect information be discovered, please feel free to email VMR with corrections.

What Criteria Do We Use To Rate And Review Vibration Machines?

Vibration-Machine-Reviews.com uses the following criteria to score and rank each vibration machine:  Each category is listed in order based on most important to least important.  The more important a category, the higher value it will have towards the final ranking and review score of each vibration machine.

MSRP – VMR takes into consideration only the stated MSRP of each vibration machine.  There are many brands that will inflate their MSRP making it possible to show significant discounts and to level the playing field, only the MSRP is used.

Vibration Machine Feel – The second most important criteria used in the overall review and rankings.  With over a hundred different brands in the market today, many of them do not have the quality to produce effective workout results.  VMR takes into account the strength of vibration; flexibility and movement of the vibration plate platform, ergonomics of the handle bars, position of upper and mid-level electronics, overall stability of the machine, and height of the upper console and style of vibration.

Vibration Machine Platform Size – The overall size of the platform a user will have available to them during their workouts.

Vibration Machine Hertz Ability – The maximum Hertz (Hz) or frequency at which a vibration machine can perform.

Vibration Machine Amplitude Ability – The maximum Amplitude or Height (sometime referred to as Force) of which a vibration machine can produce.

Vibration Machine Overall Physical Weight – Due to the amount of movement and different positions a user may attempt, the overall physical weight of a vibration plate is extremely important.  A lighter machine may be ‘top heavy’ and possibly unstable. 

Vibration Plate Style – Pivotal vs. vertical vibration style motion.  Both vibration styles will target very specific users.  Vertical based vibration plates typically add more variety and challenge for the user.

Vibration Machine Warranty – How long of a period a manufacturer will back the labor and parts under warranty.

Vibration Machine Programs – The features provided in the upper and lower (if applicable) electronics display.  Built in programs will provide user motivation, feedback and direction.

Vibration Machine Look – While this is not the most crucial feature it still matters to most people.  Vibration machines being placed into a home environment should have a pleasing look, color and design.

Accessories – What type of ‘extras’ a vibration machine will come with; vibration dampening mats, arm straps, extra floor pads, push up bars, remote control etc…