PowerVibe ZenPro Vibration Machine doesn’t quite ‘size’ up with competition

PowerVibe ZenPro Vibration Machine review from Vibration-Machine-Reviews.com

The PowerVibe ZenPro Vibration Machine (MSRP $2,795) looks good at first glance, with a vertical vibration system capable of producing a maximum of 50 hertz. A lower price point and five-year main-frame warranty are also what consumers should look for.

PowerVibe ZenPro Vibration Machine

PowerVibe ZenPro Vibration Machine

However, if you look a little further at the specs, the PowerVibe® ZenPro™ Vibration Machine doesn’t quite “size up” with other leading vibration machines near its price point. The result is a vibration-machine-reviews.com ranking of just 79 out of 100 and only 3 out of 6 stars.

The Power Vibe® Zen Pro™ Vibration Machine dimensions of 29 inches (width) x 30 (depth) x 55 (height) and weight (129 pounds) are significantly smaller than other models at the same price point. The actual weight of a vibration machine is important because more size equals more stability when standing on the platform.

The upper console programming leaves something to be desired as well.

We’d recommend a model such as the BH Fitness® ADP™ Vibration Machine ($1,995) as a better choice near this price point.

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